Quail Farmer Shares Helpful Tips On How To Start A Quail Egg Business, Philippines

Richard Martinez, a self-proclaimed “lakwatsero” or wanderer, stumbled upon a quail egg business during a visit to a friend’s house. This serendipitous encounter sparked his interest and eventually led him down the path of quail farming. In an episode of Agripreneur on YouTube, Richard shared the story of his humble beginnings, motivations, and valuable tips on managing a quail farm.

During his visit, Richard noticed a bucket filled with quail eggs, locally known as “pugo,” in his friend’s home. As it turned out, his friend’s family owned a quail farm. Intrigued by this discovery, Richard’s curiosity about quail farming grew stronger. With determination, he embarked on building his own quail farm, starting with 100 quails. “It’s easy, really simple. You just have to feed them and give them water. After about two weeks, the quails started laying eggs,” Richard fondly recalled. Initially, their household members were his first customers. However, through word of mouth, more and more people became interested in his quail eggs. As demand increased, Richard expanded his farm, now boasting over 2,000 quails.

Richard assures aspiring entrepreneurs that venturing into quail farming is a profitable business endeavor. The market has a high demand for quail eggs, and numerous businesses rely on them, ensuring a steady customer base. Additionally, managing a quail egg business is relatively easier. Transactions are often pre-ordered, and customers simply pick up their orders. While the business side may be straightforward, Richard emphasizes the importance of providing proper nutrition to the quails. Inadequate nutrition can result in sickly quails and poor-quality eggs, which can adversely affect the business.

For those interested in entering the world of quail farming, Richard shares some valuable tips. He advises starting small to learn the intricacies of quail raising and the business itself. “My tip is to start small. Learn about the business you’re getting into. Animals are different, so it’s essential to be pet-friendly,” he advises. Understanding the local market for quail eggs is also crucial. Richard suggests assessing the size of the market and aligning it with your production capacity. He advises scouting potential egg distribution points before diving into large-scale operations.

Lastly, Richard emphasizes the need to be hands-on and committed to the business. Being actively involved is essential for observing the condition of your quails. “You need to be hands-on. You cannot entrust their care to someone else. If you do, you won’t be able to monitor the well-being of your quails,” he stressed. “And you need to have dedication in taking care of them,” Richard added.

If you’re interested in pursuing an agripreneurial path, there are countless options to explore. Goat farming, stingless bee farming, and rabbit farming are just a few examples of potential livelihood businesses worth researching. The world of agriculture offers a wealth of opportunities for those willing to learn and take the plunge into a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor.

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