the State of New York will suspends gas tax ’till rest of year

There is no exemption all over the world experience the crisis of gasoline and diesel hike price due to the current conflict and on-going war between Russia and Ukraine. Currently, according to, the average price of 1 gallon in USA $4.671. Law makers are into it to help consumers to slightly reduce the difficulty of individual.

According to fortune news, New York state will be suspending its gas tax for the rest of 2022, that will take effect coming Wednesday. This will to help cut its gasolines price, down to 16cents per gallon. New York is among the states where gasoline price is tagged as Red, means the prices belongs to price range of $4.8 to 6$ via aaa. where as Hawaii and Alaska belonged to the same tagged, but they gasoline price is above 5$ per gallon which is insanely high.

According to aaa gasoline price data, There are areas of the state that has bigger discount, thus other selected countries as well have their own gas taxes that are capping on how much they collect. Whereas in Asia, specifically in the Philippines, local transportation like jeepneys are given fuel subsidy, but there are some consideration that taxes may also be cut-off to help local transportation expenses.

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Looking at the dollar level, fuel price are at an all-time high especially in the US, but according to some, they’re still far short of the inflation-adjusted prices of 2008. 14 years ago, The national average is $ 4.11 and today it’s $ 5.52 a gallon..

Just over a year ago, these same lawmakers called for an increase in the federal gasoline tax, which hasn’t been raised since 1993. Those calls have since been quashed, however, as prices have begun. increase again. drive more after self-isolating in the early days of the pandemic.

Despite asking the federal government to suspend the country`s fuel tax, there is no guarantee that these savings will be returned to consumers and may affect funding for future road projects. Therefore, lawmakers are hesitant to do so. (New York officials admit that they also do not have the authority to insist that oil companies pass on their savings to drivers.)

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