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Daily Fx: Crude Price Rise, Nekkei Fall, NASDAQ100 Holds

US Crude Oil Prices Continue to Climb on Inventory Data and OPEC Anticipations US crude oil prices are on the rise again, fueled by expectations of tightening global supplies. Two significant factors are currently driving this market momentum: Inventory Drawdowns: The market is eagerly awaiting the latest data on US...

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Market Jitters: Dissecting the GBP/USD Slide Ahead of BoE Meeting

The foreign exchange market is abuzz with activity as the British pound (GBP) weakens against the US dollar (USD) in the lead-up to the Bank of England’s (BoE) crucial policy meeting. This anticipated event has injected a dose of uncertainty into the market, prompting traders to adopt a cautious stance,...

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Hi, i’m Ross!

I started this blog to help me build self-confidence in writing content that I am currently interested in.  Let’s say that this is a personal blog, with publicity.

Most of my post writings are information that I suddenly wanted to learn and understand, in which I learned them too from the internet and wrote them with my own understanding.

I am not a content writer not even a beginner, but wishing to be one, and hope to see improvements along the way.